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A Found Boy. Part 1 - Lost

For a young Australian man, the wild and erratic lifestyle that I lived was more fulfilling than religion.

Lost Boys Blog

Four questions on the meaning of life. Part Two

Continuing the conversation with Lewie who rejected his childhood faith to embrace a new set of beliefs which he feels allows him more freedom to love all people.

Lost Boys Blog

Four questions on the meaning of life. Part One

I often use these four questions in my conversations with young people to gain a better understanding of what they believe and why.

Lost Boys Blog

Love Thy Body. A book review

This book is a must for Christian parents, teachers and leaders. It touches on the deep issues that young people face in our current culture and provides Christians with the language to engage the issues…

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“No system is perfect,” A millennial ex-Christian responds to being labelled “woke”

22-year-old Lewie, critiques my blog on the woke generation and gives his perspective.

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Is silence really violence? The uprising of the woke generation

Young people are graduating our education system with a new framework for understanding life -- a new worldview-- which is somewhat angry, anti-authority and anti-biblical.

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I'm proud of you! How a dad's viral videos resonate deeply with fatherless youth

Rob Kenney, an assuming middle-aged man, seems to have stumbled into internet stardom with simple fatherly advice and love.

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“Pornography is not more powerful than God.” – Jake's journey through addiction

"I was introduced to porn as a six or seven-year-old, but it didn’t really grab a hold of me until I was fifteen."

Lost Boys Blog

Young men are losing their 'why' – the path to Nihilism

Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”


It's War

While Australia battles a viral pandemic young lives continue to be consumed by the more pervasive and insidious plagues of suicide, anxiety, porn addiction, brokenness, meaninglessness and confusion.


Jesus Campaign - A Rescue Mission

This year Youth for Christ launched something new, a bold strategic direction that we're calling the Jesus Campaign.


Lost Boys: The battle for our young men

YFC has just released a new book that highlights the spiritual battle for young men - the lost boys.

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A Reasonable Hope?

Christians, do you know what you believe and why you believe it?