Lost Boys 40 Day Fast

Introduction to the Lost Boys Prayer Campaign

We need an army of warriors who are ready to take up arms to contend through prayer for the youth of Australia.


Schoolies 2019: Drugs, Death, Drinking and… Disciple Making

What Schoolies taught me about the Australian Church.


The Gospel, “It’s Actually the Best Thing Ever!”

YFC is helping young people walk free in their God given identity – equipped to boldly stand for Jesus. We spoke with Katie who shared the impact on her life and faith.


Pray for Teens to Meet Jesus At Schoolies

Thousands of teenage school leavers will soon be descending on popular tourist spots for a week of wild parties. Youth for Christ evangelists will also be there but for a much different reason – to know Him and make Him known.


Alumni: Dennis’s Legacy

When YFC Alumni, Dennis Taggart passed away peacefully last year after a short series of health complications, he left behind in his Will a legacy to help grow a new generation of youth for Christ. His involvement with YFC had begun over 50 years earlier when he was himself a young follower of Jesus.


Changing Youth Culture From the Inside Out

“When we bring these things into the light, the enemy has no power over them anymore.”


Jesus School Helped Blake Live Out The Gospel To Change Lives At Schoolies And Beyond

Jacob was standing outside of a McDonald’s in the heart of Surfer’s Paradise with four of his mates during their Schoolies celebrations…


Your Stories – Ann’s Faithfulness

Ann Hodge encouraged us recently when she wrote to share how she first connected to YFC – revealing an inspirational story of faithfulness spanning decades.


Jesus People Gathering – “Jesus is the main attraction”

It’s New Years Eve 2018 and four hundred Christians are gathered together at a Victorian campsite to celebrate Jesus into the new year.


“Crazy” Outreach Opportunity Kicks Off YFC Training Weekend

Is it possible to share Jesus effectively with a stranger in the few moments while you’re stopped together in traffic?


Letting the Holy Spirit Lead

When we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide our conversations a brief interaction can lead to a meaningful discussion about faith. Even in prison.


Alumni: Bob Armstrong

“I committed myself to follow the Lord in whatever service He called me to at a weekend youth camp when I was 16,” shares former NSW State Director, Bob Armstrong who recently shared his YFC memories with us.


A Pioneering New Ministry Initiative

It’s well past midnight in the Victorian town of Bendigo and while most of the town sleeps a group of young people are worshiping Jesus into the small hours.