Lie #6– “You are the creator. So use that limitless creative power to craft your identity and purpose.”

Let's expose this deception of the world to the truth of God's Word and examine our own hearts.


Ephesians 2:10

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.


Revelation 4:11

You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will, they exist and were created.



Identity and purpose, something we have all searched for at some point in our life. However, if not confined or constructed on the Truth of who God has created us to be, we will live in pursuit of creating who our emotions and desires lead us to be. And the fickleness of their nature will leave us confused and lost.

From a young age, society encourages this relentless, fruitless and harmful pursuit of crafting and expressing our identity based on what our feelings tell us we are. This deception goes as far to say that anything we imagine, or desire to become, we can “manifest” into being with enough attention and focus given to it. The end goal being to find fulfillment and becoming your “authentic self”. But it’s a false promise.

We are created beings and our identity and purpose is found in knowing to whom we belong.

No job description, house, wage, social media following or any other method used to express yourself will truly define you, let alone fulfill you or reveal your purpose. That’s because we are created beings and our identity and purpose is found in knowing to whom we belong.

God knit us together in our mothers womb. We were predestined to adoption as sons and daughters of God, according to the purpose of His will. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, in the image of His likeness. Our true identity and purpose is found in God, our creator. Our value is defined by Him because He chose us in Him before the foundation of the earth was formed. And despite all the promises the world may offer, the solid foundation that is the Word of God, reveals our purpose in Him, as heirs, as beloved children, as more than conquerors through Christ, a royal priesthood, salt of the earth and the reflectors of the light of the world.

And so our earnest prayer is that every person would know their true identity in Christ, walk in their God-given purpose and give glory to the only One who is truly worthy.


Heavenly Father, I am but a created being, you created everything. So I come to you in repentance for times where I have elevated myself and been deceived that we can craft our identity and purpose in anything other than you. I repent for allowing the ideologies of this world to hinder my faith with lies. May we walk with understanding and assurance of your purpose for our life, knowing it can only be found in You, our Creator.


Lord we come to you with thanks in our hearts. We thank You for giving us life, for your everlasting Word, for Truth, for comfort and understanding. We thank you for Your incredible patience with us as we learn to live and move and have our being in You.

We pray that You would continue to teach and assure Your Church of their true identity as sons and daughters of the Most High, filled with purpose according to Your will. Lord, we long for revival, let it start in our heart. May we be filled with the knowledge of Christ, releasing His fragrance as we live out our lives in You each and every day. In Jesus' Name.


About The Prayer Campaign

We're joining together with hundreds of believers around Australia to humble ourselves, repent, seek God and pray for revival – a Jesus Revolution.

Each week the devotion will be exposing the deceptions of self-worship to the truth of Scripture as we deny self and radically follow Jesus. Learn more about the prayer series here.