Introduce others to the life transforming Gospel of Jesus

This free resource consists of five short videos which will give you some simple, reproducible tools to share your faith, make disciples and equip others to do the same. It will help you become more intentional about how and why you share your faith with those around you. 

This training is a taster of what is covered through YFC's Disciple Making Training but made more available and accessible for anyone to engage with.

The video content runs for a total of 47 min. Please allow a minimum of 2hrs to go through the content.

Before you begin you will need four things:

A training buddy. The sessions are designed for you to practice the tools as you go with each other.
A bible.
A blank A4 sheet of paper and pen.
An obedient heart.

It is our hope that you wouldn't simply watch the content, but begin to apply it in your own life immediately. Our world is not in need of more information but it desperately needs transformation.

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