A small group of two or more people that is intentionally focused on participants discovering God’s Word for themselves.

The Explanation

A Discovery Bible Study can be used with different study plans and incorporated into different group structures but the core study structure is constant:

--> READ
Read the scripture passage / story for the current study.

Have one or more people retell the story in their own words. Use the group to help fill in any gaps. It may be helpful to reread the passage after.

--> ASK
Once the group has the story remembered, ask three questions:

  1. What do we learn from the passage about GOD / JESUS?

  2. What do we learn from the passage about PEOPLE?

  3. Is there anything from the passage God wants us to OBEY?

The role of the facilitator is not to preach or tell but to help direct the questions and give all participants space to talk, process and discover for themselves.

Starting a group can be as simple as asking someone, “Would you be interested in reading the bible with me?”

Incorporating this study into the Three Thirds Format (as exampled in the image below) provides a simple but powerful structure for the full small group session that includes goal setting for evangelism and personal growth along with accountability that encourages people to become disciple making disciples.

Recommended three thirds group structure for a Discovery Bible Study.

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