Lie #5: “You are the summum bonum—the standard of goodness—so don’t let anyone oppress you with the antiquated notion of being a sinner who needs grace.”

Let's expose this deception of the world to the truth of God's Word and examine our own hearts.


Psalm 14:2-3

The LORD looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God. All have turned aside, they have together become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one.

Further reading: Isaiah 64:6-9, Romans 3:9-20, 2 Cor 3:1-6



There are scores of videos online where Ray Comfort, a gifted evangelist, speaks to people on the street. One thing that stands out as a common thread is how people respond when asked, Do you think you’re a good person? The answer, almost all of the time, is a confident, Yes!

The interviewer then follows up with a series of questions based on the Ten Commandments – Have you ever lied? Have you ever stolen something? Have you lusted? Have you ever hated someone or used the Lord’s name as a cuss word? And so on. This changes the mood dramatically and people admit that by measuring themselves against the Ten Commandments, they fall far short.

Let us be sure that our confidence is firmly placed in the goodness of God and His gift of grace which sets us free.

Astonishingly, a good proportion of people interviewed identified themselves as Christian. Viewers were able to visibly see the change on the faces of those who pronounced the faith as the realisation came over them that something was very wrong, and they had been living with a false confidence in their own goodness.

Fellow believers, let us be sure that our confidence is firmly placed in the goodness of God and His gift of grace which sets us free.

Don’t fall for the lie, our goodness without Christ is corrupt and is as filthy rags.



God my Father, I have grievously sinned against heaven and before you, in ignorant presumption I have not paid attention to the mirror of your Word and to your Holy Spirit and have trusted in my own goodness and righteousness which are but filthy rags. Forgive me I ask in the name of Christ my Saviour.


Thank you, Gracious God, for your infinite mercy toward us and the countless blessings and benefits you have poured upon us. Let your Spirit open my eyes to understand the miraculous redemption that is ours in Christ. I ask that you teach me humility and grace, keep my heart tender and sensitive to every impulse of your Spirit. Keep me on your path and help me not to turn aside from your way.

Father, we pray for your Church, our brethren across this nation, we ask that you revive and stir us so that we rise up in righteousness, steadfast and immoveable. Sanctify our hearts by your grace that we might be trees bearing good fruit. Animate our souls, may nothing stand in the way of faithfulness. Open our hearts to the Gospel and open the hearts of those who don’t yet know you. Lord, keep us from every enemy. We proclaim this day, “The Lord is upright, he is our Rock and there is no unrighteousness in Him!”


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