“I feel overjoyed!” How Gabe’s contagious faith is helping others find joy in Jesus

We first met Gabe while on an outreach with a church youth group. His parents excitedly told us they were Christians too and asked if we would pray for Gabe who was in a wheelchair with quite a severe disability.

We didn’t see any physical healing in that moment but Gabe responded by looking us in the eyes and asking, “Can I come and do what you’re doing?”

So, after some quick training, Gabe joined us on outreach, fellowshipping with the team and sharing with others.

“I loved connecting with Gabe”, recalls team leader, Pat. “He just wanted to share more and more and watching him go boldly from person to person, sharing and praying with them, I was just undone in that moment.”

“I like to say that evangelism is fun and easy with the Holy Spirit and Gabe truly embodies what that looks like.”

A month later we arranged to meet Gabe to go on another outreach together and when we arrived he was already sharing Jesus with others.

When we followed up by sharing the Gospel both she and her friend wanted to give their lives to Jesus.

God had also prompted him with a word about a specific young woman having a sore neck. So together we went over to introduce ourselves and offer prayer.

She did have a sore neck and, to her amazement, her neck stopped hurting after receiving prayer. “That’s quite magical, wow!”, she exclaimed not fully understanding the source of healing.

When we followed up by sharing the Gospel both she and her friend wanted to give their lives to Jesus.

“I feel overjoyed!” Gabe declares when asked how sharing Jesus makes him feel.

But Gabe is also adamant that any believer can be empowered by the Holy Spirit in evangelism. “Be in contact with Him. Listen to Him. And obey”, he advises. “If I can do it, you can do it.”

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