Online doco series reveals how God is working in and through young Australians today

“You guys are Christians aren’t you?” The young man confirmed before continuing eagerly, “Wow, I literally just prayed to God and said, ‘God, I just need a sign right now, that you’re with me!’”

It was late and YFC missionaries Bas, Mitch and Pat, were exhausted at the end of a long night of street outreach in partnership with a team from YWAM – but they felt prompted to approach one more person.

“He actually shared with us how earlier in that same day someone had led him to pray a prayer of salvation”, recounts Bas.

“Through talking with him a bit more we found out he was actually unsure and didn't know exactly what he did. And so we got to unpack the full gospel with him.

“After that he was like ‘yeah I recognise I'm in brokenness but I want to give everything to Jesus. I want to be born again and be baptised.’”

And so that same night this young man was baptised into new life with Jesus declaring, “I’m all in this time.”

We have the same spirit in us that raised Jesus from the dead!

“It’s always fun and exciting… when you see something as amazing as that where someone is just fully giving their life to Jesus,” says Mitch.

“It’s like wow! I’m glad I stayed and was obedient.”

This story was captured during the filming of Made in Jesus, a new Australian doco series produced by Seven Summits.

The series is a free Christian resource that encourages young believers to be active in their faith.

Each episode follows passionate young Christians in Australia – highlighting the different approaches they take towards evangelism and discipleship.

Episode one features young YFC missionaries Bas and Mitch whose lives were both radically transformed by Jesus.

For them sharing their faith has become part of their everyday life and they love encouraging other believers to live this way too.

“We have the same spirit in us that raised Jesus from the dead!”, remarks Bas. “And so this is for all believers to get out there – share the gospel.”

Made in Jesus is available to watch online for free.