Lie #2: “Emotions are authoritative so never question (or let anyone else question) your feelings.”

Let's expose this deception of the world to the truth of God's Word and examine our own hearts.


Proverbs 28:26

He who trusts in his own heart is a fool.

The word “heart” in the above verse is defined as our “inner man, seat of emotions, mind, feelings, will and understanding” (Olive Tree NKJV Enhanced Strongs Concordance)


You don’t have to look too deeply into our current culture to see that emotions and feelings are being elevated to play definitive roles in our identity and decision making, rather than being understood as reactions to circumstances.

Self-idolatry says emotions are to be trusted because they define you and serve as your barometer of truth. But feelings and emotions can be fickle, and following them may very well be the denial of what God has called you to.

Imagine the differing emotions the Apostle Paul must have experienced in a time where preaching Christ meant persecution, poverty and suffering. Fear may have whispered: “don’t preach, you’ll be killed, you’ll look crazy, no one will even listen, you’re offending people”.

Feelings and emotions can be fickle, and following them may very well be the denial of what God has called you to.

Moses is another example, he didn’t feel qualified, yet the fruit of his submission to God led to the freedom of thousands after centuries of slavery.

On the other hand, submission to emotion seldom leads to fruitfulness.

Cain gave in to anger, and it led to murder. Joseph’s brothers gave into jealousy and sold him into slavery.  David gave into to lust, and it too led to murder. Peter gave into fear then denied Jesus three times in a matter of hours after swearing not to.

We’re all familiar with emotions like these and whether or not they divert us as far as the examples above, giving them control over our thoughts can cause sin to reign in our heart according to  scripture. (Matthew 5:21-28)

Emotions aren’t the enemy and in some cases may be duly warranted, but when we elevate them to a position of authority we are easily deceived. Instead, Jesus should serve as our barometer and the example that we as believers are to imitate, who when reviled, did not revile in return.


Heavenly Father, I repent where I have allowed my emotions to deceive me into self seeking actions and where I have not honoured You by displaying the fruits of Your Spirit in my life. I repent where I have placed my trust in my emotion, and elevated them above the wisdom of Your everlasting word. I ask forgiveness where I have allowed emotions to lead me into sin, that you would continue to strengthen me with self-control as I submit to your Holy Spirit.


Father I come to you with thanksgiving for Your mercy and your Word. Lord, may your Spirit continue to lead your church into all Truth as we submit to Your ways, that we would be a people who lean not on our own understanding but acknowledge You in all our ways.

We are so thankful that You have empowered us with Your Spirit to live out the life Your son purchased with His blood, the life You have called us to where we deny ourselves and follow you!

Thank you for the freedom you have given us through the cross, may Your will be done in our lives and as the church, may we walk in Spirit-filled, selfless, sacrificial, self controlled love and wisdom as we witness to a world that so desperately needs saving. In Jesus’ mighty name.


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