The Need

Parents are more engaged in their child’s school life during the primary years. When it comes to high school, parents of teens often need to return to work and don’t have the time to actively participate in the school community. This leaves many Parents and Citizens Associations (P&Cs) stretched and without adequate support.

The role of the P&C in a state school is fundamental to building community and helping support the school through fundraising for needed equipment or services such as chaplaincy. Many school Chaplains lack support from the local Christian community. They not only need financial support for their roles, they also need practical support from the local churches.

If a school family has needs like groceries or school shoes, or social needs such as a family crisis, Chaplains need resources from their local churches in order to meet those needs.

Many churches desire to be more active in the community – demonstrating the love of Jesus through helping others but aren't aware of the needs of the school or may have limited resources to meet needs on their own.

High Love helps connect churches from different denominations together to serve. Acts of kindness showered on school staff by the Church foster an atmosphere of care which becomes contagious. School Chaplains are supported and are able to provide a better service to students and the school in general.