Placing Hope Into The Hands Of Aussie Youth

One of the tools we've been developing are HOPE cards. These simple, ‘business cards’ feature the word hope and a QR code link to our Discover Hope website with a Gospel message and several personal testimonies of finding hope in Jesus.

When used as an outreach tool they become both a conversation starter and a followup reminder to leave with people.

“The Hope cards make engagements fun and easy to initiate and they lead to fruit”, shares Schoolies for Jesus team member, Sandi.

This frequently opened up significant conversations about God.

“We’d lead with questions like ‘Can I give you some hope?’ and this frequently opened up significant conversations about God.”

Through several events and outreaches around Australia over 10,000 Hope cards have been given out between November and March with around 700 hits on the website each month.

“The Hope cards and website are an exciting work in progress,” shares YFC Hope Movement Director, Pat Steele.

“We’ve really just begun trialling them and developing evangelism training to go alongside. But the fruit we’ve been seeing shows that simple resources like this can be a powerful aid to sharing the hope we have in Jesus.

“In Tasmania last week I personally saw seven people make decisions to follow Jesus after starting conversations with a Hope card and we had one more make a decision through the website that weekend.

“I also know that these cards are seeds that are often placed in phone covers or wallets and I'm believing that each one of these seeds will bear fruit, please join me in praying for this.”