Jesus Campaign: The Mission Begins

Although every Christian has a mandate to proclaim Jesus as they go about life there are still thousands of young Australian’s who have little idea of who Jesus is while plenty of Christians are fearful of sharing their faith or have never had this modeled to them through discipleship.

Your prayers and gifts are helping to turn the tide by equipping and releasing young people like Daniel to be missionaries within Australia.

“I yearn to see young people in my region awaken to the life changing truth of Jesus Christ,” says Daniel.

The Jesus Campaign is focused on increasing peer-to-peer evangelism and discipleship across Australia to bring revival in our nation through the youth.

Missionaries are passionate Christians, grounded in faith, who are trained and supported by YFC with simple, reproducible tools to share the Gospel and disciple others – equipping them to do the same.

I yearn to see young people in my region awaken to the life changing truth of Jesus

– Daniel, Jesus Campaign Missionary

Daniel has already begun leading a small Jesus Hub of other passionate believers who meet regularly to grow, pray and make Jesus known in their community.

“I prayed for a man with a limp and got to share the Gospel with him”, shares Daniel, illustrating how simple day-to-day interactions with people can become transformational.

“The next time I saw him, a few days later he told me that all he had been thinking about was the fact that Jesus had healed his leg!”

One of the girls in Daniel’s Jesus Hub has just begun leading a similar group in her local school to disciple others.

“I have this vision of seeing our town full of little groups of young people who are meeting frequently to encourage and spur each other on in their faith!” says Daniel.

Please pray for our young missionaries like Daniel and the Jesus Campaign team as we seek to see this vision multiplied across our nation!