Jesus Campaign - A Rescue Mission


This year Youth for Christ launched something new, a bold strategic direction that we're calling the Jesus Campaign.

The Jesus Campaign is a strategic Kingdom maneuver against the domain of darkness. It’s not a prescriptive, all- encompassing approach to changing the world but rather a simple back-bone that’s designed to get young people out into the world and making disciples.

Target numbers of new missionaries to be recruited, trained, and sent out per year.

2020 2021 2022


Young people are desperately hungry for something that they can live for. As is consistent with the teaching of Jesus, the things worth living for are found at the other end of a death – a death to our old lives, our sinful nature and the patterns of this world.

Indeed, the younger generation want to know why they are alive – let's give them the answer. Something good enough to live and die for. It's time to restore young people to the life of purpose they were designed to walk in.

The Jesus Campaign is a strategic Kingdom maneuver against the domain of darkness.

Australia has a massive unreached people group in its youth. We believe that as young Christians are activated to share their faith and equipping others to do the same the multiplication effect can bring transformation to communities, cities, states and a nation.


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