Changing Youth Culture From the Inside Out

Watching pornography, sending revealing photos of yourself and measuring worth by social media ‘likes’ have all become part of normal teenage life for many young people.

But thanks to YFC’s Scholarship Fund, transformed young people like Laura, are being supported as missionaries to young Australians – helping reshape culture from the inside out with the freedom found in Jesus.

“I grew up as a teenager with that still small voice inside of me that didn’t want to do the things that culture said were normal but it got silenced by the louder voices all around me,” shares Laura reflecting on her early youth.

“I was left broken and numb.

“Things changed for me when I encountered the incredible kindness of the Father and opened my heart to the fullness of His love for me. I discovered true Christian community and who I was created to be – free!

“I finally realised that I wasn’t the problem. It was the culture around me. It was sin.”

“When we bring these things into the light, the enemy has no power over them anymore.”

Laura now leads YFC Ambassadors in programs that give young people the tools to think critically about the culture around them, empowering them to see that they can be the creators of culture instead of the consumers.

“The enemy is having a field day with our young people at the moment. I’ve had young boys coming in tears to us saying, ‘I’m addicted to pornography and I have no idea how to get out of it’. Girls are saying, ‘I’ve sent all these nudes and I don’t know what to do.’

“They often feel trapped and alone. They can’t talk to their parents because there’s so much shame involved. And their friends are all doing it. So they’re left in the dark.

“But when we bring these things into the light, the enemy has no power over them anymore.

“The light that we carry is the answer. Jesus is the answer and I’m so passionate to see a generation set free and to see a generation pursue the presence of God.”

“You made a massive impact on the way that I live and feel. I’ve changed all my habits, I find myself praying more, I’m more active and I am so much closer to God. Thank you soooooooo much.”

 - Student feedback from a recent workshop at a Christian school.

Each year YFC’s Scholarship Fund provides seed funding to support and empower young missionaries like Laura into ministry roles. And thanks to many generous friends like you this funding has proved to be key in expanding the Youth for Christ mission.

Because of a special matching grant all gifts to the Scholarship Fund received before 21st September will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. Please join us in praying that this opportunity will be maximised to release the full grant.

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