Sharing Jesus with Schoolies

If you initiated a conversation about Jesus with a group of teenagers, what reaction would you expect?

In November Youth for Christ supported, Exodus Projects, to send a Schoolies for Jesus outreach team to Dunsborough in WA where thousands of young people congregate to celebrate this pivotal moment in their lives.

The Schoolies for Jesus team set out to give school leavers opportunities to explore, discuss and discover Jesus. But how would they respond?

“It shocked us that the response was so receptive, with a lot of leavers being open to hearing the Gospel,” answers Shar who coordinated the team.

“God seemed to increase the size of groups as we spoke. Engaging with two to three leavers would often grow to crowds of ten to twenty, simply by sharing the Gospel.

They were raising their hands for salvation and asking questions…

“Not once did they persecute or reject, in fact, they were raising their hands for salvation and asking questions on a regular basis – who is Jesus? Why do you believe in him? Why are you doing this? They were so hungry for the truth it was astounding.”

As Shar and the Schoolies team discovered, teenagers and young adults are often very open to learning more about Jesus when they encounter authentic Christians. Although many know little about Christianity, they’re at a stage in their life where they are looking for truth, meaning and purpose for themselves.

That’s why Youth for Christ is mobilising young Christians in peer-to-peer evangelism and discipleship – equipping them to boldly share their faith with those around them as they go about life.

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