Rebecca Shares How Her Youth Group Is Transforming Lives Thanks To You

Youth group had just finished for another Friday night when four teenage boys dropped by randomly. They had no connection to Christianity and wanted to know what was going on. Thanks to you they would soon hear the Good News of Jesus for the first time.

“Evangelism had been a bit of a weakness for us,” confesses Rebecca, one of the youth pastors leading the church youth group.

“We really wanted to equip our youth to actively share their faith with those who aren’t connected to a Christian community.”

This desire to be more intentional had motivated Rebecca and her team of fifteen youth leaders to participate in a YFC Disciple Making Training via an online video call.

Two weeks later, Rebecca was able to watch as one of those leaders, John, confidently brought the Gospel into the conversation as he connected with these four teenagers – using tools he learnt at the training. All four boys responded to Christ in that moment and were given bibles.

“We really wanted to equip our youth to actively share their faith"

– Rebecca, Youth Pastor

Since that night, two of the boys have returned to youth group bringing friends and some have come to church as well. Their journeys are ongoing – asking lots of questions about Jesus, the bible and what it means to be a Christian.

“The culture has shifted”, shares Rebecca speaking of the change within her youth group.

“We’ve actually had a lot of salvations recently, even a dad of one of our youth!”

“Now we're teaching on evangelism and practicing the tools we've learnt with our senior youth and we’re making plans to equip all of our youth in evangelism too.”

Rebecca’s story highlights the ever-expanding impact of activating others in peer-to-peer evangelism and equipping them with simple reproducible tools that can easily be passed on to others.

Thanks for fueling stories like these.

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