Pray For An Awakening In Your Region


By Andrew Scarborough
Ministry Director – Youth for Christ Australia

Read: John 4:1-42

Australia's youth are crying out for hope, meaning and purpose. It is not uncommon for the top selling books and most listened to podcasts to be in the "self-help" genre. Yoga and mindfulness are as popular these days with young people as Tony Robbins motivational talks are amongst their parents. The problem is, despite the wide search of young people for meaning, they are still coming up empty with anxiety, self-harm and suicide on the rise.

So why is it that many young people seemingly can’t find true meaning, hope and purpose?

Despite the wide search of young people for meaning, they are still coming up empty…

I’d suggest that they are looking in the wrong places. Instead of coming to Christ for meaning, they are going everywhere apart from Christ.

In reading the Gospel account of the women at the well, I can see some distinct parallels between our young people and this woman. Why was the woman at the well unsatisfied? Why was she so lost? Because she was looking for her worth and meaning in men. Jesus correctly discerns that she has just gone from relationship to relationship and, as a result, she is empty and spiritually thirsty.

But there was hope for her and there is hope for our youth too.

The woman at the well was awakened to the truth of who Jesus is. Just one drink from His living water is all she needed to be spiritually fulfilled! What’s more, once she had received from the Lord, she was able to share her fulfillment with her region. Through her testimony and witness many came to Jesus. 

If you know Christ, you have the answers for this generation.

If you know Christ, you have the answers for this generation. They are crying out for what you have. Will you go to your region? Will you take the freedom you have in Christ to the youth in your community? Will you disciple the youth in your church and encourage them as they stand for Jesus?  

As you pray this week, pray for an awakening to Christ for the youth in your region. Pray that they would search for their answers in Christ. Pray that their spiritual thirst would be fulfilled through Him.

Further Reading: Read Romans 6 and reflect on the gift you have from being in Christ.

Prayer Focus

For the Lord to raise up workers for the Harvest.

  • Pray for our existing workers in the harvest. Pray for their protection, for provision, and that God would continue to show them His perspective as they reach the lost with the Gospel.
  • Pray for new workers for the Harvest. Youth for Christ is believing for a network of evangelists to be raised up and released all across Australia. We are believing for at least one missionary per federal electorate, that’s 151! Please join us in prayer. Let God knock on the doors of their hearts and may we see many missionaries raised up.

For the young people in your region to come to know Jesus.

  • Pray for the young people in your region. Pray that the Lord would save them. Pray that they would look to Jesus for their answers. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with them.
  • Pray for the young people in the lives of our missionaries. Pray that the missionaries would constantly and consistently have open doors to share the Gospel and that young people would be saved.
  • Pray for those touched by suicide, anxiety and depression. Pray that they would find freedom in Christ. Pray for evangelists to reach these young people.

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