Nicola is your new athletic Ambassador reaching young people for Christ

After recently achieving a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games, it’s clear that 22-year-old Nicola has high-jumped her way into elite athletics. But her highest joy is in knowing Jesus.

“I see my high jump as worship,” declares Nicola, who has just taken on the role of Ambassador with Youth for Christ.

The Ambassador program is a new initiative, which will identify passionate Christians who can represent and promote the YFC vision. With your support, these Ambassadors will empower and inspire people to share the Gospel in their own spheres of influence.

Using the platform I have been given to partner with YFC, I am praying for a revival amongst young people

- Nicola

“In athlete villages where we run prayer meetings and Bible studies, there isn’t denominational segregation, but unity – all brought together through a common love of Jesus and how He has transformed our lives to reflect more of His.

“I am passionate to see this occur in my own community on the Central Coast, as well as Australia.”

Thank you for partnering with YFC to grow an organic movement of youth like Nicola reaching others for Christ.