“I gave my life to Jesus in lockdown 2020” - Michelle's Story

“I knew of the Lord but I did not know Him,” states 20-year-old Michelle of her upbringing in a nominal Christian household. “We stopped going to church most Sundays and just continued living our lives ignoring God.”

As she grew older, Michelle recalls becoming a rebellious teenager – living for herself and getting trapped in destructive and sinful habits in the search for happiness.

But God was drawing Michelle back to Himself.

“Last year I was struggling with how to make it through the whole Coronavirus situation financially. I had less than twenty dollars left in my bank account and no hope for my future.

“One night as I sat in my room feeling depressed, miserable and mad at myself, my eyes caught onto an old, somewhat dusty bible - I stared at it thinking ‘Really?’

I was struggling with how to make it through the whole Coronavirus situation…

- Michelle

“But deep within me I thought, ‘What do I have to lose?’”

“So I began searching for Him. Initially in a self seeking way – I wanted Him to bless me with money. But as He spoke to me through His Word I got something I didn't see coming. Eventually being in lockdown at home seemed more like being locked in my room with the word of God.”

God transformed Michelle’s heart and mind over the weeks and months that followed and it was during this time that she came across Youth for Christ on the internet and reached out.

“I needed help,” Michelle recalls. “I was at home, alone and on fire for Jesus but no one could understand why, even myself.”

Thanks to your support a YFC missionary was able to begin a discipleship journey with Michelle, connect her into an online prayer group with other young Christians and, as lockdown restrictions eased, help baptise her.

This year Michelle’s desire to live for God and share her faith with others led her to join the YFC team as one of our first Abide Interns where she’ll live in community with other passionate Christians to go deeper with Christ.

“The impact of giving my life to Christ has opened doors I never thought possible. I never saw Jesus as the focal point in my life but now everything is for Him because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

“I recently baptised my little sister and I’m wanting to do so much more.”

Through your prayers and gifts for the Youth for Christ mission, you're standing alongside young Christians like Michelle to help rescue and restore the youth of our nation through peer-to-peer evangelism and discipleship. Thank you!