Alumni: Bob Armstrong

“I committed myself to follow the Lord in whatever service He called me to at a weekend youth camp when I was 16,” shares former NSW State Director, Bob Armstrong who recently shared his YFC memories with us.

Bob, with his future wife Enid, were part of the founding committee for launching YFC in the Bathurst region of NSW in 1956 and continued to be involved in a number of ministry roles into the 80’s.

“Enid and I first got involved [with YFC] because we saw the needs of young people in our Church and the local community,” recalls Bob.

“With no ministry training then, and with the challenges ahead it is still fascinating to me how the Lord led me step by step.”

It is my prayer that, to be able to share something of our memories, it will encourage others to grab hold of the challenge to reach even more youth for Christ in the months and years to come.

- Bob Armstrong

Bob and Enid today and back in the 70’s serving with Youth for Christ.


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