You’re equipping young people like Jacob who says: “Jesus School made me proud to be a Christian!”

So many young Christians in our secular nation need to be trained and empowered to share their faith in Christ with Spirit-led confidence and passion. And you’re helping to make that happen through Youth for Christ’s 10 to 12 day course called Jesus School.

Jesus School has a profound impact on young Christians wanting to share their faith. The School was founded out of the core belief that when people truly know God, they’re empowered to live in total freedom, unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When you gain this confidence in Christ, you can have great impact on the world around you. That’s exactly what happened for Jacob.

As a new Christian, Jacob felt led to attend Jesus School – and for the first time, discovered the confidence and freedom to embrace his true identity. He shares: “When I started following Jesus, I didn’t want to be seen as a Christian, going to church, singing out loud, sharing my faith – in fear of what others would think and say.

“All my life I struggled with worrying about what people think of me. In so many aspects of life I was unfulfilled because I compared myself to others.

“But at the Jesus School I was able to shine light on the lie of comparison in my life and walk free from it!

“It was my first time hanging out with a lot of Christians and it’s unbelievable how quickly a ‘family’ was formed with everyone there. There was no judgement. There was no comparison.”

Jacob’s life was turned around after he attended Jesus School, as he was encouraged to put his faith into action: “Joining the Schoolies for Jesus team was an incredibly educating experience on how to share the Good News with people – naturally, confidently, simply and energetically. I have also been way more con dent in sharing Jesus with people in everyday life.

Jesus School has definitely made me very proud to be a Christian!”

Thank you for helping us encourage and equip young disciples like Jacob to discover their true identity and live boldly for Jesus.