YOUNG MUMS CAMP REPORT “Thank you for giving me this opportunity”- Dee, 18

Last month we were able to run a Young Mum’s Camp, with a group of teenagers aged 16 to 19, thanks to the support of many generous donors. It was amazing getting to know them and their little ones and it was a growing experience for both the participants and our leaders.

Having babies so young often results in lost friendships and judgement but while on camp they were surrounded by people who were genuinely interested in their lives and cared for them. We saw the importance of relationships in their lives. To have people around them who will love and support them and who they can trust.


Young mum participating in activities with her child.

18 year old Dee and her 5 year old son attended camp. She shares: “It was such a privilege to be able to attend YFC’s young mum’s camp away from the stresses and pressures of our everyday life. My son enjoyed the kid’s activities and having so many others to play with, and I enjoyed spending time with new friends that are in similar circumstances as me.”

Our leaders loved being able to journey with young people, like Dee, helping them discover their identity and begin to step into who they were called to be. The girls participated in dance, Shine and craft. They also cooked and learnt to make simple healthy meals they can make at home. Each day there were sessions on identity with mature mums.

Camp Director, Melissa

Camp Director, Melissa, looking after one of the children during camp.

“I have been a mum through my entire teenage life, and had placed my identity in that”, Dee explains. “In the first session, led by a fellow mum, (of five boys!) we were asked to write down 10 words that we identify ourselves with. I knew this was going to challenge me. Through all of the sessions we did, a message of identity kept being reinstated.

“We were treated with the utmost respect from camp leaders, encouraged by them every second, and affirmed in our goals and ambitions. This is something that teen mums often don’t get in the outside world. By the last night of camp, a group of us were sitting in the kitchen unable to control our laughter as we shared common parenting mishaps, and reflected on our crazy life journeys so far. You could feel a spirit of freedom – restoring souls and covering shame.

“On the last day we were given an opportunity to share our testimonies with the group, and then have someone pray for us. I had now found my 10 things about who I am, and it wasn’t hard this time, the bible has lots of really nice things to say about me. It was really cool, and a moment to be remembered by all the mums. Tears were shared, and hearts were inspired.


Young Mums Camp

Young mums and leaders on camp.


“I have come away from camp feeling so empowered and supported, and knowing that there is a God who is bigger than our circumstance, who sees us as his precious children.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

We’re excited to have everyone together again at an upcoming camp reunion picnic and see where they’re at since camp. We plan to run these outings, connected with a bible study, on a regular basis for these young mums as they continue on their journey with God.