Thanks for helping James find the “True and Living” God

Our counseling team connect with many young people who are struggling with life. They hear painful stories, heartbreaking experiences and seemingly hopeless situations.

Despite this they are constantly reminded that God is in control and fulfiling His eternal work and healing here on earth.

In speaking about her role, Rebekah, one of our counsellors, shares, “Even when it’s hard, I love my role. And I especially love it when I am able to help a young person connect with their creator.”

Recently Rebekah had an opportunity to do just that while journeying with James.

James was referred to our team for help in coping with his new living arrangements. Previously he had been kicked out of home and spent some time in a youth refuge. Now, his grandparents were taking him in permanently, providing him with a healthy home and attendance at the local high school.

There is much power in the simplicity of Youth for Christ’s vision – to give every young person an opportunity to become a follower of Jesus…

Prior to being kicked out, James had been home schooled and home churched. His parents had created “their own church” which involved practices of distorted bible teaching, to the point of serious abuse and neglect.

When Rebekah asked how he felt about his parents, he was able to express righteous frustration and share his pain and distress.

“I expected his feelings about God to be entwined with the same emotions he had for his parents. But when I queried James on this aspect, his response surprised me.” Rebekah recalls.

“He explained to me that his parents could not have been teaching him about the true and living God because if Jesus is who He said He is, He wouldn’t condone what they had done to him. As our conversation went further, and we were able to discuss the true and living God, he was comforted to know that the longing of his heart and soul, was actually true and able to be fulfilled.”

“I was able to give James options of local youth groups and churches in the area giving him the freedom of learning about and connecting with the true God.”

There is much power in the simplicity of Youth for Christ’s vision – to give every young person an opportunity to become a follower of Jesus, and its mission to disciple into the local church. James’ story highlights how important these opportunities can be to a young person who hasn’t had them.

We want to see young people like James realise their full potential: physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

As his journey continues Rebekah and our team will keep working with James to help him process the abuse and pain experienced in his early childhood and teenage years.

“God could heal James overnight, and I pray He does, but if he doesn’t, I know that God uses all things for good.” says Rebekah.

“I know personally that without God, I too am broken and lost. So, I feel incredibly honoured and privileged to use my God given gifts to help provide healing, relationship restoration and ultimately an opportunity to experience the love of our great King.”

Thank you for helping sustain team members like Rebekah with your prayers for the work of Youth for Christ and the young people we connect with.

Note: Personally identifying details in the above story have been changed for the privacy and protection of the young people we work with.