Proclaiming freedom to the prisoner


Thanks to the prayers, gifts and time given by faithful supporters and volunteers Youth for Christ has begun to re-establish a consistent ministry presence in the Melbourne area – led by 25 year old Tania.

“A lot of young people have never even heard the name of Jesus or had His story told to them”, remarks Tania. “I have a passion to see them discover the beauty and grace of Jesus and be discipled into the Kingdom of God.”

Tania currently oversees a team of volunteers that build into the lives of juveniles in youth detention.

“…as we listen and get to know their story it becomes apparent they are desperately in need of genuine connection, love and acceptance.”

Thank you for helping passionate young people, like Tania, to serve God and bring Christ’s love to young people.

Speaking about this ministry Tania shares, “These young people have hit some pretty high walls and roadblocks in life and often don’t have a stable home to go back to. There aren’t many mentors or positive role-models to turn to or that stick around long enough to see change.

“Often these young men and women seem hard and rough on the outside, but as we listen and get to know their story it becomes apparent they are desperately in need of genuine connection, love and acceptance.

“It’s not always easy, there are plenty of challenges that sometimes cause discouragement, frustration or exhaustion, but we know God goes before us and leads the whole thing.

“One young lady had, for years, stored up in her head many questions about faith, but never found the right forum to ask them. Not long after we first met her, she began asking us these questions every week. As we explored her questions together, she shared her experiences of hearing God’s voice versus hearing the devil’s voice. We started a bible study by reading through the book of John. At one stage we spoke about Jesus knocking on the door of our house (heart) and us having the choice to open up and let Him in. She asked – what would happen when Jesus came in and what if she’s not ready? What if her house is a mess and He leaves?

Your support helps bring light and love to young men and women in youth detention.

“It was a very moving conversation that led her to a deeper understanding of what a relationship with Christ really looks like. We believe God is working in her heart and are prayerful for this young lady to encounter God’s transformative power and love.

“There are so many young people who have not had the opportunity to explore faith. I’m praying for God to raise up many youth missionaries in the Melbourne region so we can see even more of these moments.”

Please keep praying for Tania and the team in Melbourne, specifically that the local team of staff and volunteers would grow and that a strong support base of prayer and financial partners will emerge as they step boldly into God’s will!