Melbourne Relaunch

During the past couple of years, YFC has experienced a time of quiet soul searching in Melbourne, seeking to begin new ministries in this region. We are very pleased that new opportunities are now growing and new staff and volunteers are joining us! Praise God.

Tania Vairamuttu has recently joined the YFC Melbourne team! Tania is a passionate young woman with qualifications in social work and a big heart for ministry. This is very exciting and we look forward eagerly to see God at work among many new ministries in Melbourne with our young people. Tania has a fantastic story to share and we are delighted that God has called her to this ministry.

Prison ministry – each Thursday evening we visit the young women in remand and who have been sentenced in the juvenile justice facility in Parkville. The maximum number of young women it can house is 15. The ages that can be detained there are between 11 and 21. Women on remand are separated from the sentenced women. Our team run a variety of activities but because it is a prison we are limited in what logistics & equipment we can safely take in.

Our goals are to show God’s unconditional love, to be positive role models, to build positive relationships and to speak into issues of faith when the opportunities arise. We have also just recently had new opportunities to visit the young men in this facility each Tuesday evening. This is very exciting and we are currently putting a new team of volunteers together to share with these broken young boys. We would really appreciate your prayers. If you have a heart for this work then please contact us as we would love to chat with you.

Korean Ministry – we also have a team who provide programs to the Korean community in Melbourne. Next July they are taking five young people on a YFCA Mission Adventure to the Philippines.

We are seeking new financial partners in the Melbourne Region who desire to see young people’s lives transformed by the love and hope of Jesus. If you would like to partner with YFC Melbourne and assist us to begin new ministries in this region, please contact our office or donate online.