‘Magic man’ discovers Jesus in a dream!

Until recently Wilson admits he was listening to ‘spirits’, who would speak to him in dreams, teaching him how to do black-magic tricks for entertainment in his community on Elcho Island. He built quite a following on social media doing ‘magic’ shows and supernatural things.

One night, as Wilson slept, instead of having the spirits speak to him, a man named Bunumbirr appeared. In the dream Bunumbirr taught Wilson about Jesus, led him to the Lord and then baptised him. When Wilson woke up he searched for and sent a message to Bunumbirr (who he had not met before) on Facebook. Two days later, Bunumbirr flew to Elcho Island and led Wilson to Jesus, baptising him in front of a gathering of his community!

Wilson just completed the Jesus School training in Arnhem Land. He now wants to boldly preach the Gospel and make disciples! This is one of many stories we’ve come across of how God is reaching into darkness across Australia to redeem His children for His Kingdom.

Bunumbirr teaching a men’s session at the Arnhem Land Jesus School.

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