Young lives transformed at Camp

Robyn came on camp desperate for Jesus to reveal Himself to her as real not just some one written about in a book that she had heard people speak about.

During one of the evening programs, whilst in worship Robyn recalls, quietly in her heart, crying out to Jesus.

“I was desperate to know Jesus was real and if he loved me. I just wanted to give up on life and I didn’t know what else to do so I said, Jesus if you’re real then you need to show me during this camp…”

Then, she accounts, she had her eyes closed and it was as if a man came and stood in front of her. She instantly felt at peace, and in her heart she felt Jesus tell her that He was real and that He indeed loved her.

What transpired from this encounter was breathtaking to witness. For almost an hour this 15 year old girl, who previously was unable to be housed with other campers, spent close to an hour on her knees in tears, yet smiling as she accounts feeling the love of Jesus overwhelm her and wash away her fears.

When she emerged her countenance was different. She was cheerful. She immediately moved into a cabin with her friends and participated in all the activities for the remainder of camp.

Five weeks on and she is still enthusiastic about church and looking forward to attending a local youth ministry when they start back up. She is regularly reading her bible and asking questions.

Last term of 2014 Robyn’s school attendance was less than 50%. Now she has a desire to be at school every day she can, so she can reveal the love of Jesus to her friends, through her actions and through her life.


Generous supporters enabled young people like Robyn to encounter God's love at Christmas Camp.

Generous supporters enabled young people like Robyn to encounter God’s love at Christmas Camp.