Kate’s journey from ‘basic’ Christian to devoted follower



Kate first connected with YFC in 2016 through a friendship with one of our interns on the NSW Central Coast.

Kate was a 22-year-old university student, working part time and engaged to be married. She described herself as living a ‘very basic’ Christian life.

As Kate got to know our local Central Coast team she began to identify the struggles in her faith and how she had taken a “just for me” approach to Christianity. Even though deep down she knew Christianity was about relationships, she realised she had done little to grow relationship with Jesus or other believers or those who weren’t yet following Christ.

This approach was challenged further when Kate attended YFC’s Disciple Makers camp where she felt God speaking to her about her identity in Jesus.

“The limitations I placed on myself slowly broke off and I learnt what it truly meant to be a follower of Christ.”

Post camp Kate became more involved with Youth for Christ activities and through one-on-one mentoring she experienced a new perspective on what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Kate shares, “I remember being so welcomed and so loved. I could seek God in a space that was safe, secure and full of supportive people. The limitations I placed on myself and my understanding of Jesus slowly broke off and I learnt what it meant to be a follower of Christ – devoted to seeing people come to Christ through relationship and the love and acceptance God pours out through them.”

Thanks for helping young Christians like Kate walk out their faith.

As Kate began to take hold of her identity in Christ and walk it out she felt led to volunteer as a group leader for one of our programs. This experience gave her a new revelation about evangelism.

“You start to realise that by sharing who you are with others, you are actually being a good steward of the experiences that God has shaped you through.” Kate explains. “It’s liberating. We aren’t meant to be creatures who do things on their own but rather people who develop by sharing and trusting that God works each piece of you for good.”

Right now Kate is enjoying being newly married and juggling finishing her final university semester with a ministry role at her local church.

Thanks to your support, you are also part of stories like these. Helping disciples of Christ take ownership of their faith and become effective disciple making disciples.

Please pray for Kate as she continues to step into the abundant life that God is calling her into.