Jesus Heals: Haley’s story

As young people begin to authentically and boldly live for Christ they have the power to give life to their peers – transforming a generation from the inside out. The Jesus School is one tool that equips and empowers young Christians to live lives truly set free by the Gospel.

Although the school and teaching is primarily aimed at young adults, there are no age barriers in God’s Kingdom, and no restrictions on what God can do.

11-year-old Haley attended one of the Jesus School open nights in Port Pirie, South Australia last year with her family where she experienced the tangible healing power of God in her life.

Haley had grown up with strabismus (turned eye) and long sightedness, eye conditions that made it difficult to see clearly and requiring her to wear glasses since infancy. So, when given the opportunity to be prayed for at the Jesus School, she had no hesitation.

“They asked if you had any eye problems if you could please raise your hands and I raised my hand and I got prayed for that night and I don’t have to wear glasses anymore.” Haley explains matter-of-factly before joyfully exclaiming, “It’s almost like I’ve been let into a new world. Like, I can see things that I could never ever see before… it’s so exciting.”

“I want to tell him that Jesus healed my eyes.”

Although her eye still occasionally turns, Haley has not had to wear her glasses again since that night. In fact when she tried them on the next day she took them off straight away, saying that everything was all fuzzy.

This experience has helped take Haley’s faith to new levels. Two weeks later she shared her testimony at a tent ministry in South Australia, which led to her boldly praying for others to encounter Jesus.

Haley has been set free from her eye conditions and strengthened in her faith thanks to the Jesus School program that you helped pioneer. Thank you for joining with us in prayer for a generation of youth for Christ.

Almost a year later and Haley continues to embrace her faith simply and joyfully sharing the love of Jesus with others. When asked if she would like to cancel her optometrist appointment Haley responded, “no, I want to tell him that Jesus healed my eyes”. And that is what she did!

Thank you or your prayers and gifts that provide opportunities for young people like Haley to experience God’s love and power in their lives and to grow in faith.