Your support helps Jakayla live out her new-found purpose

Three years ago, 20-year-old Jakayla didn’t even know what Christian ministry was. But today, thanks to your support of YFC, she’s equipping other young Christian leaders for a life of service.

Like many teenagers fresh out of high school, Jakayla was simply focused on having fun wherever she could find it. To her, Jesus was just some mythical character who had no relevance to real life.

One night, after a day at the races, she felt drawn to an evening Christian outreach service in her community. Over the following week, she couldn’t suppress a growing desire in her heart, which led to an encounter with God she couldn’t deny.

“I had never felt anything like that. I was so overwhelmed because God had shown Himself to me as I prayed and I just could never deny from that moment that God was real.”

As her faith grew, Jakayla became close friends with two YFC interns who started mentoring her. The following year she chose to become an intern with YFC herself and this year she joined our staff team to lead six new interns in the region.

She shares, “I’m still a young person myself, but God’s grown me in crazy ways where I can have that maturity to lead other young people as well.


Jakayla being baptised during a local YFC mission trip last year.

Jakayla being baptised during a local YFC mission trip last year.


“I don’t want to be just half in; I want God to have my whole life. It’s not always easy. I know that I can’t do it by myself so I’ve come to a point in my relationship with God where I just don’t cease praying. It’s not even an option.

“My passion is to see others equipped and strengthened in their faith so they can have that same kind of relationship with God and be able to follow Him. “Each day is a new adventure and I look forward to it. These young people have so much potential and I get to be a part of their growing. That’s exciting.”