Finding faith: Kaitlyn’s Story

The panic attack came on unexpectedly. These sudden irrational feelings of fear and anxiety were not unfamiliar to Kaitlyn but were no less terrifying and seemingly uncontrollable. But this one would end differently.

It was almost two years earlier that Kaitlyn had first attended the Eleven88 dance club run by Youth for Christ at her local school. Even back then anxiety and depression were nothing new for Kaitlyn. Her upbringing in a violent household and placement into foster care had left her with significant emotional scars from a young age.

“As soon as I said, ‘amen’, I felt instant relief and calmness”

Fourteen-year-old Kaitlyn found her new life story in Jesus. Thanks for investing in young lives like hers.

She loved the dancing but Christianity held no real interest for Kaitlyn as, from her perspective, it had no relevance to her life and offered no tangible solutions to her troubles.

Over the following two years, Kaitlyn became a regular at dance club. She got to know and trust the leaders and begun opening up to them. All the while she continued to fight an inner battle with anxiety.

It wasn’t until last year’s end-of-year dance camp that Kaitlyn began to believe God could actually make a difference in her life as He had in the lives of the YFC leaders.

So this time, as the panic attack fought for control, Kaitlyn allowed one of the leaders to pray with her.

“As soon as I said, ‘amen’, I felt instant relief and calmness”, Kaitlyn shares as she reflects back on that moment.

It was that night that Kaitlyn decided to lean on God and give Him her life. Since then Kaitlyn has been able to better manage moments of anxiety and is seeing God at work in her life as she continues to journey in her new faith.

“After becoming a Christian I’ve gained a lot more happiness and found that I’m kinder to others also”, Kaitlyn remarks.

The Eleven88 Team and moments from their dance camp. Your partnership helps them to share God’s transforming love with other young people through a shared interest in dance.

“The Eleven88 team is a group that I call family, they have always helped me through my struggles and given me confidence.”

“Being a Christian and having such amazing people in my life has made everyday better and given me a positive outlook on my life that I didn’t have before.”

Kaitlyn is now using her journey to help and encourage girls who are struggling with similar issues.

Through your partnership in the YFC mission, you are helping give the life that is found in Jesus to stories like Kaitlyn’s. Thank you!