Thanks for helping students explore life’s deeper issues

Most young people in Australia are already in a discipleship relationship. They are disciples of popular culture… a culture that teaches to seek anything that brings pleasure, no matter how momentary. Jesus brings hope and a purpose that would otherwise be missing if young people were to strip away these temporal distractions.

We seek to provide young people with safe environments to get beyond the surface level where they can explore and discover this hope. Auslife is a high-school program that allows young people to experience this.

Auslife Small Group Exercise

YFC team member, John, leading a small group exercise at an Auslife seminar.

In this space young people have many questions, which is exciting because Jesus said, “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened”.

And students don’t just want knowledge about God. They don’t want more theories and theology. They want something tangible. They want to know that this thing has substance and isn’t just another hollow promise.

“How do you know God is real?”

“Has God changed your life? How?”

“When God speaks to you what does He
sound like?”

These actual student questions are part of a new discipleship journey. Thank you for helping young people be able to start asking these new questions.