Dylan’s Story

“When I smoked weed and stuff I didn’t want to go to church. I knew I was doing the wrong thing. But when I got offered to the opportunity to come to a YFC young evangelist camp for free, I don’t know, I just felt led to go there. “

Dylan, a Port Macquarie local, wanted to follow God. But he was trapped by a drug addiction. He tried giving up many times, but the addiction was strong and the withdrawal symptoms difficult to endure. Through his relationship with YFC, Dylan was sponsored to go on a young evangelist camp earlier this year. Still fighting a losing battle with addiction Dylan experienced an unmistakable encounter with God.

“I prayed and I was just like ‘God, I know I don’t want to stop doing this in my flesh, even though it brings me down all the time, I love it at the time that I’m doing it.’ Then I just asked God to make His desires mine. I felt so good after that prayer. Ever since then, I haven’t smoked, and it’s crazy, I never had any withdrawal symptoms or anything. It was a supernatural thing.”

Since the camp Dylan has chosen to give his life completely to God and seeks to share Jesus with those that don’t have relationship with Him. He is currently leading a bible study lunch time group at his high school and is involved in a number of YFC outreach programs. Dylan continues to be mentored in his journey through YFC and the local church.

“This camp was such a significant point in my life, and that’s why I love YFC and I love these evangelist camps because at that camp I felt like I found my identity in Christ. When you encounter God, you can’t deny it, otherwise you’re lying to yourself, and I’ve lived lying to myself and it’s not a good way to live.”

Thankyou for your support! Dylan’s story is just one example of what you are a part of.

I believe it also encapsulates of the heart of the Youth for Christ movement. Young people encountering Jesus, living for Him and sharing that with others. Young people living as youth for Christ!

YFC in the Port Macquarie / Hastings region seeks to invest in young Christian leaders, to equip, encourage and empower them to live as Youth for Christ. We also seek to partner with churches and local Christians to invest in the lives of every yong person in Port Macquarie, giving them an opportunity to be a follower of Jesus and helping them reach their full potential.

We believe the future of this movement is in allowing young people to drive the ministry, and we’re excited about the opportunities opening up across the Port Macquarie / Hastings region. But we really need your ongoing partnership to be able to continue growing this movement.