Dylan found his new life story at Schoolies

Thanks for helping young people discover new life in Jesus.

Deep down Dylan desired to know God. Having grown up in a Christian family, he identified as a Christian but admittedly had little understanding of what this meant. He wasn’t connected to a local church, hadn’t read the bible and was at Schoolies simply to have a good time with his mates.

“I was at Schoolies because it’s what young people do – have parties and meet up with friends.” Dylan shares. “I wasn’t really thinking about sin but I was going to do it.”

After getting drunk at a beach party, Dylan and his friends were approached by some of the Schoolies for Jesus team who offered to pray for them. Dylan said he didn’t need prayer for anything but offered to help pray for other people because of his belief in God.

After connecting with some of the team and seeing other young people get touched by God, Dylan agreed to catch up later in the week for lunch. Through multiple interactions during the week, Dylan began understanding the significance of the faith he had professed but never really lived. When baptism was explained to him, Dylan decided he would like to get baptised right there at Schoolies.

“Before I didn’t know what baptising was. I didn’t think it was that important. But when I came out of the water it felt pretty real.” Dylan recalls.

Caleb and his wife Chloe were able to invest in Schoolies for Jesus thanks to your support.

With Schoolies now over, and the rest of his life in front of him, Dylan has continued to seek a greater depth of understanding as Caleb disciples him in living out his faith. Your support has helped bring life to Dylan’s story. The faithful gifts and prayers of friends like you allow YFC missionaries like Caleb to commit their week to evangelism opportunities and the ongoing discipleship of young people in Australia. Thank you!