“Christmas Camp was the best week of my life” – Tim’s Story”

Tim, a 14 year old who attended our last camp, shares the impact this experience has had on his life.

“I live with my mum. I don’t get to see my dad anymore because whilst growing up it was really unsafe with dad at home. I was taken from home and put in foster care six times. I missed half a year of school which made it really hard when I went back. I didn’t like it. After a really big fight, my mum had enough, she tipped a kettle of hot water over my dad. The cops got involved and my dad left. When I was 10 my mum got a new boyfriend who was extremely violent.

“I first met some of the YFC crew through a brekky club they run at my high school and they invited me to come on camp. Being at Christmas Camp was the best week of my life. I had my 14th Birthday while I was on camp and they even did a big party and cake for me. I felt really special and loved. For me the best part of Christmas Camp was the worship sessions and I loved all the games. Before camp my life felt like it was broken in pieces but during camp it felt like all the pieces were being reassembled. I discovered who I am while I was there.


Christmas Camp

Christmas Campers


“Having YFC leaders in my life, as Christian mentors, has changed my world. I never thought people actually loved me before. Feeling the love of God and being loved on by the YFC family has stopped me from some poor choices I had been making.

“I want to grow closer in my relationship with Jesus. I do a YFC bible program after school each week and I’m going to start the YFC hip hop dance club. For me, the best part of having a relationship with Jesus is that when I am at my lowest point, knowing there is someone there for me. Having Christian friends also helps me in the walk.

“Being involved in YFC is great because most of the guys are not much older than me. They do life with me and it’s awesome because they can relate to me and help me to stay focused on good things and God.”

Thank you for your support of Youth for Christ which makes Christmas Camp a reality each year.