Chanae: “Jesus can actually use me!”

Fifteen-year-old Chanae came to YFC’s Jesus School motivated by a desire to learn more about Jesus. Through the practical application of the teaching Chanae was able to begin taking control of the fears that had previously held her back.

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One evening, as the student team visited a local market, Chanae saw a girl and immediately felt God’s love for her.

“I saw her and I was like, ‘wow!’ Jesus wants her to know that He loves her.” Chanae recounts.

“I wanted to go tell her, but I was really scared at that time. But then I just took hold of that fear and I was like, ‘no, that’s not from God’. So I went and told her that He loved her and I hugged her and she just started crying in my arms.”

This simple act of faithfulness not only helped Chanae discover freedom from fear but also allowed a stranger to encounter an expression of God’s love.

“I felt very brave after that, and encouraged that I had listened to what God told me to do. After that I was like wow, Jesus can actually use me!”

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Pre outreach briefing at the Jesus School.

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