Brooke: “I will never lose faith!”

Fifteen-year-old Brooke was the perfect example of an ‘at risk’ teenager when she first connected to YFC. Painful experiences, reckless decisions and a defiant attitude had put her life on a destructive path.

Even after one year in our Positive Choices group, there was little discernable change in her life. Despite our consistent love, care and concern for young people, we don’t always see the fruit of this investment immediately.

Six years later, during a complicated pregnancy, Brooke turned to God in a time of desperation. And, after her child was born two months premature, Brooke sent a message from hospital to one of our staff so it could be shared to encourage young people like her and kind-hearted friends like you:

“As you would know, I was never very religious, but since this has happened I found myself being drawn to the hospital chapel every day,” says Brooke. “[I thought] that He [God] wouldn’t listen because I never gave Him a chance… but me, a simple girl with a very un-simple past, who has done so much – terrible things – I was given a chance.

“And thanks to that, I will never lose faith ‘cause I feel in myself that He is there. I feel the power I get in myself when I’m asking for strength. I just wish I had found God’s path sooner.”

Brooke’s story testifies to the power of loving young people and connecting them to God’s story without agenda or judgement. Please pray for Brooke and her on-going journey with God.

Your faithful support helps plant and water seeds of faith in the lives of many young people like Brooke, who need consistent and continued care before breakthrough really begins. Thank you for faithfully investing in what God’s doing to turn their lives around!