Brad’s Story, “Jesus changed my life!”

Brad was expelled from his high school when he was fifteen. This year he was invited back to his former school as a special guest, to speak into the lives of the students. Now twenty-one-years-old, Brad shares how this turn around testifies to the transformative power of Jesus.

“I had a fairly rocky past”, Brad recalls, “Back when I was expelled I still had that desire in me to do good in life, but the choices I had made and the influences around me were dragging me the wrong way. And it just went downhill from there. I got caught up with my friends and doing the wrong sort of stuff.”

“I went to the front of the church and said, ‘God if you’re real, reveal yourself “

Former YFC intern, Brad, is now using his troubled past to testify to the transformative power of Jesus, thanks to your support.

Four years later, seeking to make a change in his life, Brad found himself at church. He gave his heart to God twice, though admittedly without really meaning it, before one day coming to a moment of surrender.

“I went to the front of the church and said, ‘God if you’re real, reveal yourself,’ and like nobody was around, but I felt the presence of God. It was so tangible. He walked me through my life. He walked me through the things that I thought were okay, that I thought were normal but he showed me that stuff wasn’t good, it was wicked and I repented.

“I really poured out my heart. I said, ‘God I give you my life,’ and then I felt this overwhelming joy upon me. It was like He took out of me the darkness and all the heaviness that was on my heart.”

After experiencing the life changing power of God, Brad begun putting his new found faith into action. In 2015, thanks to friends like you, he was able to join Youth for Christ as an intern in the Port Macquarie region and this year has continued volunteering through YFC, eventually leading to an opportunity to return to the school he was expelled from.

“Going back to that school, I wanted to show them the power of transformation in my life.” Brad shares. “It wasn’t about me. My life is a testimony to what God’s power is. So I’m here to proclaim the name of Jesus.”

Your support helps make moments like these possible and gives young people like Brad a platform to share the Gospel with others.

“I wanted to show them the power of transformation in my life”

Brad sharing at the school he was expelled from. Thanks for making moments like this possible.

As Brad puts it, “My passion now is just to share the love of Jesus. There’s nothing very complicated about it, just to share the Gospel in anything that I can do. Going to churches, walking down the street, hanging out with mates, youth programs…

“I love the vision of Youth for Christ, everyone needs Jesus. I see my old friends and the way they live. I was living the same way. Jesus changed my life – and I’ve never looked back since.”