Purpose or Porn? – 3 Ways you can Make a Difference while Self-Isolating

One major porn site is reporting a dramatic spike in their worldwide traffic over the past few weeks.

It would seem that as more and more people self-isolate, many are turning to porn to pass the time.

But although porn use has become ingrained into mainstream culture in the West, experts are warning that it's actually incredibly harmful.

  • Porn is more addictive than heroin.
  • Porn use is the number two reason that couples divorce.
  • Porn use has been credited with a dramatic increase in peer to peer sexual assault amongst youth.
  • Porn use has been credited with an increase in child sexual assault.
  • Porn use is limiting users ability to engage in real life sexual intimacy.
  • Porn use steals people’s ability to experience joy through dopamine flooding.
  • Porn use damages those involved in its production, many people featured in porn are being raped and filmed against their will.

(Sources: Cindy McGarvie Lost Boys, change.org, and the National Center for Biotechnology Information)

We are faced with a world that is physically sick, and the porn industry is only adding societal sickness on top of it!

What if, rather than damaging yourself and others during this time, you used this time to make a difference in the world.

What if, instead of engaging in pornography, binging Netflix or playing computer games, you found a greater purpose for this time?

One of the great scientists and inventors Sir Isaac Newton came up with the theory of gravity during a time of self-isolation!

Youth for Christ has been contending for our “Lost Boys” to come home, to come to know Jesus as their Saviour and allow Him to give their lives purpose. Now is a time to pour purpose into the lives of our Young People.

Here are three ways that you can encourage the youth in your world to be productive during this time of self-isolation.

1. Talk about how you can serve others in this time.

The Kindness Pandemic has taken off during this time. Why? Because serving others often brings incredible joy! During a time of panic, where people are full of fear, it can be so helpful to turn off the news and turn on your creativity for how you can make someone’s day.

What if you and some of the youth in your world wrote a letter to encourage your neighbours? Made a funny Tik Tok to brighten user’s days, or do a Facebook live and encouraged all your friends?

2. Start or join an online Bible study or Discipleship Group.

There are a lot of young people stuck at home that are bored in this season. Many are isolated and alone. What if you started an online Bible study or Discipleship Group?

If you're keen to join a discipleship group but don't know how, let us know.

You may also want to launch into reading the bible yourself for the first time. You can download a bible app and get started today. We recommend starting with the book of Matthew.

3. Pray.

Everyone is saying we will need a miracle to see Coronavirus end. Well, now could be a good time to start praying. Maybe you aren’t used to praying. That’s ok.

It’s simple, just start talking to God like you would a friend. Prayer matters, and prayer can change this situation. Pray for the disease to end. Pray also for pornography to loosen its grip on people in this time! You may want to join us in our Lost Boys Prayer Campaign.

Here is a great talk on how to pray.

This season could be a gift for you and the young people in your world. We can come out of this broken, or better.

What will you choose?

Let’s change the world!


If you’re trying to quit porn or you know someone who is- Here is a great video to help you.