War Chest Fund

Your gift to the war chest fund will help supply the movement in the battle ahead as we launch our strategic vision next year.

Right now we are in a very real battle against the forces of darkness for the young people of our nation and we must take action.

Young people are being bombarded by the enemy– suicide, pornography, nihilism, confusion, anxiety, fixation on image, fatherlessness and loneliness. Never before has our nation reached such a tipping point. We need to reach this next generation before it’s too late.

Our leadership team have spent much of this year drawing up a bold strategic battle plan for the next three years to take ground back for God’s Kingdom and set young people free through the power of the Gospel. It’s a daring plan to identify, equip and launch 151 evangelists across Australia.

As we move forward into next year, we can’t allow a lack of finances to become a barrier or to slow the momentum of this campaign.