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You've dreamed about it for years, worked hard, put money aside, maybe raised a family. As you plan how to spend this new freedom, can you include some time each year to share from your lifetime of experience and bring encouragement to young Christian leaders in developing countries?

All around the world, there is a generation arising who is sold out to Jesus. A generation who will change the world for the kingdom of God! And Senior Servants can help them reach their full potential as they ride the next wave of mission.

Senior Servants are people who will spend a short term, living as authentic followers of Jesus serving alongside these young leaders. They will be praying with and for them, mentoring and encouraging them, equipping, resourcing, affirming and protecting them and allowing them to lead.

Youth for Christ is looking for couples interested in investing some of their retirement in travelling to developing countries. There they can spend between two and three months, living and working alongside the national staff of YFC, and enabling them to be far more effective and focussed in their ministry.

Senior Servants will need to be mature Christians, independent, adaptable, a team couple, communicators, servant-hearted, no agenda of their own, dependable and clear-thinking.

Additional skills will be varied and valued, but THE MOST important things you will be giving will be yourselves and your ability to live and walk through life with the YFC staff, listening to their stories, praying with and for them and building them up to serve Jesus Christ.

We were stretched, grown and blessed

Malcolm and Jane Knowles spent three months in Rwanda with the YFC team there. This is what they had to say ...

We were stretched, grown and blessed way beyond our expectations. The YFC staff was overwhelmed to know that we had left our home and family and travelled such a long distance ‘at our age’ to serve them.

The people live very simply, but their material poverty is starkly contrasted with their spiritual richness. The warmth of their welcome and the love of these people melted our hearts. Hearing the music of a favourite old hymn wafting across the valley on Sunday morning before church, and then arriving to hear it sung in the local language was very moving.

After Jane’s attempts at teaching English, three staff members have now begun formal classes. They learned from our teamwork as a couple and began to do things together – it’s something that doesn’t really happen in Rwanda. They trusted us with their hearts and we have brought many secrets home.

When we arrived back in Australia we received this email: “You cannot imagine how everybody stayed with sadness at the airport when you left us.” We knew our time there had been a blessing to them as well as to us.

Want to see more?

Malcolm and Jane Knowles share how they became involved in Senior Servants. Hear how their thoughts on retirement changed radically into something purposeful.



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