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Office: 36 Batten Road, MARRARA
Postal: PO Box 939, SANDERSON NT 0813
Phone: (08) 8945 7477
Fax: (08) 8945 7488

About Us

YFC Northern Territory has a keen focus on adventure-based programs; utilising experiential learning techniques that develop self-esteem and leadership qualities. The NT team value the growth of relationships and seeing young people achieve their potential. In past years valuable time has been spent in Juvenile Detention Centres supporting and encouraging those in remand and post-release situations. We are currently looking for someone to head up this area so this ministry can continue.

Our Staff
David Ridley Lyndal Walker Nick Joyce    

David Ridley
Regional Director

Lyndal Walker
Prayer & Missions Coordinator

Nick Joyce
Remote Mission Coordinator



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